My name is Alan R. Burt and I live in Defiance, Ohio.

I came to Christ at a very young age, around seven years old. I remember hearing the gosple after a church youth program Thursday night somtime in the wintertime. I sought out one of the leaders and asked about the messege I heard and was asked if I wanted follow Jesus based on what I heard.

I prayed to God and He saved me and I knew there was a change in my life from that moment on. I grew up in Carson City, Michigan going to First Baptist Chruch.

After high school in 2002, I attended Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids Michigan where I studied and majored in Bible. I graduated in 2007. After college I became very interested in horses and took lessons on how to ride. I also began to find a great deal of people who were or had been involved in rodeo. I began riding bulls in 2009 and had to quit for various reasons three years later. I still love rodeos and love riding horses and actually worked for a horse trainer for two years while living in the Adrian Michigan area where I learned a great deal about how to care form then. I had to quit that life as I have been moving around and following full time work.

But God has been faithful to bless me woth work of some kind no matter where I’ve ended up. Currently I work at Arps Dairy in Defiance running the press that pasteurizes soft serve icecream mix. I attend Kings Cross Chruch in Defiance and love the small community of believers there. My aspiration and prayer is to eventually become a pastor myself of a local church but God has always been faithful to me in my prayers to Him so I keep holding on to that hope.

My desire to become a pastor was born out of a renewed love for God’s word when I was in the eighth grade. I decided that in july I would sit down and read through the Bible by the end of the year. For whatever reason that I cant’t describe, I wanted nothing more than to study the Bible, teach it to others and minister to folks using it in anyway I can through the local church for the rest of my life. All I can say is that it became a supernatural desire that God has never let me forget.

Currently He is answering another long time prayer of mine where I could unite my love of equine and love of the gospel. My life has had quite alot of ups and downs but God has always beem faithful to me in whatever situation I find myself  in.  I am excited about the opportunity to serve Him through the ministry, Cowboys of the Cross, where I will be leading cowboy church at some bull ridings and rodeos in Ohio including a weekly winter bull riding in VanWert.

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