The Beginning

The Beginning

A friend give me 10 words to use in a poem: white, heaven, darlin, creation, danger, thunder, captive, victim, innocent. This is what I came up with

The Beginning
Oh the glory it would have been to see

the Lord creating our home to be.

The thunder so loud and lightning so bright;

innocent eyes held captive by the sight.

Dark clouds parting then fading to white

as heaven appeared from a glorious light.

“Now go Adam and enjoy this place.”

God must have said with happiness on His face.

“But be warned of the danger of eating from yonder tree.

The fruit it bears is not for you. Just let it be.

”But not long after Adam and Eve were to meet

Do they fall victim to Satan’s deceit.“

Oh Eve my darlin, what have we done?’

Nothing worse could we do under the sun.

”The moments intense as they waited for Him;

punishment to come would be just, not on a whim.

Now we ask forgiveness, pull weeds and give birth.

We praise God and all He does for us while we’re here on Earth.

(Inspiration From Genesis Chapters 1 through 3)

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