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God used the arrival of a child

to get Storm’s attention to change

I recieved a message from Scott asking me to write my testimony for Cowboys of the Cross....I was stopped in my tracks for a few minutes; the irony... I was talking on the phone at that time to a pastor friend of mine, Don Mayberry. He was asking if I would announce a bull ride for their cowboy church so I stopped him in midsentence and asked, “How do you write your testimony?”

He said to just start typing and it will come; it was that simple.

I was born and raised in a Christian farming and cattle family in South Dakota, led by my grandpa who was the guy who was always first to church. Whether it was Wednesday or Sunday we were first. I graduated from a Christian high school and I have relatives who are pastors and missionaries. Exposed to every aspect of Christinaity. I was saved at an early age in a Baptist

church and was raised in a very strict and religous family; so strict

and religious I think I was 14 when I wanted to go to my first movie ever, “The Great American Cowboy,” and when my grandma caught wind of my wishes she was appaled. “You’re going to hell,” she said. You get the idea of  the beliefs. Maybe I rebelled against all that

religion. In 1979, I took the fast track to the wildside, and I dove in head first. I thought since I was raised a cowboy I needed to live that way and for many years following the circuit, I also followed the devil, all the time knowing that’s not the way I should be living.

But I was a cowboy and that’s all that mattered. That continued on until 1994, when my wife said, “Storm, I’m pregnant.” Wow, I was going to be a dad. Instantly my mortilty was forefront in my mind. I have to change now and change I did.

Now don’t think I became perfect that day because I’m far from perfect. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t mess up. I sin and fall short of the glory of  God, but now I remind myself daily that I’m forgiven. My daily walk changed and I am mindful every day about the way I need to live.

Things were going great or so I thought until 2007  when I ran into a big road block: my wife wanted a divorce. You see, all those years of being married, I thought my only job was to provide my family a good living, so working full time and announcing 30 to 35 rodeos a year meant I was gone alot, but my wife and kids were living good. But there’s more to giving your family a good life and I found that out the hard way. All that I had worked for was gone and I rebelled.

“Why are you doing this to me, God?” That was the question. Taking away my marriage, my things, my place and my kids, I still dont know why that happened, but my faith in God allows me to forgive the wrongs and to be optimistic that I will know the answer some day.

So whatever bad you or I have done in our life, whether we did the wrong or the wrong was done to us, remember one thing: God forgives us and others and He does it with open arms. One thing to remember isthat the thought of wrongs done to us never goes away but God’s love for us takes away the pain and makes it easier to cope. As my mom always reminds me, God has great things in store for each and every believer. He is not working against us even though we as believers think when bad things happen that He is against us. That’s not God talking, that’s the devil doing his thing.

Storm Denison,

Wichita, KS

Rodeo Announcer