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I was the second, and last, child born to a young couple in the ministry. At the time of my birth, my father was pastoring a small church in the Orlando, Florida area.

When I was one year old, my Father was appointed as State Administrator for the organization that he was in, to the State of Alaska. My Dad would hold this position until the year after I graduated high School. This position transferred us to Alaska for six years, North Dakota for six years, Montana for three years, and Wyoming for three years.

All of my formative years found me being raised in a loving home with strong Christian values, and all within the beauty of the Western States.

It didn’t take long for me to learn that boots and jeans were the accepted “norm”. It also didn’t take long for me to develop a passion for the land, the lifestyle, and all that it encompasses. Every opportunity that was presented, found me connecting with people of the Western lifestyle.

During my young years in North Dakota, it was not uncommon to find me with anyone connected to the church, in any town, on a wheat farm, or an Angus operation. The same holds true for my years spent in Montana and Wyoming. I lived in the West, and I was a Westerner.

Due to my Dad’s occupation, we always lived in church-provided housing and, therefore, the ability to practice my love for horses, was greatly hampered. My high school years found me in the great State of Wyoming connecting with friends who could assist in scratching this itch. Thankfully, I was able to form some great friendships, and access to horses, and ranching became a reality.

I’m certainly not going to paint a picture of Shane the genuine buckaroo and cow puncher, because that is not the case. But, a love for the West, the Western way of life, and ranching, could not be stronger for anyone.

My mother played the piano and sang. She ensured that music was always present in our home, and this was an influence that shaped my college major. College found me in Cleveland, TN at the denominational college for the organization that I was raised in. I graduated in 1992 with an Associate Degree in Music. This degree, and a marriage in 1993, landed me in the Nashville, TN area, and I have been here since.

In the past 20 years, a lot of the Western yearnings have become a reality in my life. I currently have a string of four American Paint Horses. In 1997 and 1998, I rode bareback horses in the National Cowboy Association (NCA). Realizing that waiting until one is 25 years old to begin this sport is a little too late, my bucking horse “career” was, relatively, short-lived.

A bad wreck on Miss Combs, Mike Moore’s bucking horse of the year that year, helped to solidify the decision to stop. The last time I was on a bareback horse, was in 2009 to celebrate the ten years (+/-) it had been since I was on one. I was 35 (+/-). Not a good idea, but I did it.

I currently work residential construction, and play bass guitar for the Western cowboy band, Wylie and the Wild West, based out of Conrad, MT (

My relationship with my Creator, and my personal Savior, has always been a driving force throughout my 40 years. I have most always been involved in ministry of some sort, whether it’s in, or outside, of the church. My relationship certainly doesn’t resemble what those whom influenced me early on would hope for it to, but the passion for the great commission is very present.

I serve on the pastoral staff at my local church as an elder, I am a certified temperament counselor, and I am an ordained minister through a youth ministry called R.O.C.K On Ministries (R.O.C.K is an acrostic for Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom). It is with apprehension that I even list those “credentials”, simply because people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

There are people wandering all around us without hope, and in need of Jesus Christ. However, what they don’t need is hyper-spiritual Christians attempting to force feed the Gospel to them. What they need, is genuine people, with a genuine message, to be a genuine friend. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”. The only thing we, as Christians, can do is to be REAL. It is Christ that does the drawing and the saving.

Western yearnings now real for me Strong Christian values formed his foundation

“There are people wandering all around us without hope and in need of Jesus Christ.”

Shane Queener

Lebanon, Tennessee