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I am the first born of two to a close knit Christian west Texas family. Ever since I could remember, my parents have taken me and my brother to church almost every Sunday till I left for college. I’ve always believed in heaven and hell, the Devil, God, and Jesus, and I knew the stories of the Bible. But going to church and reading the Bible didn’t interest me, so I put God on the back burner for the most part. I prayed when I needed to or when I wanted something, and I read the Bible pretty much only in Sunday school. So I guess you can say I did the bare minimum and went on with my life doing what I wanted to do.

I still went to church a little when I was in college, but my main focus was baseball, partying, and having a good time. I still believed in God and tried to live my life as good as I could, I just didn’t have the relationship with him. It wasn’t until my junior year when I felt something was really missing. I was happy but felt empty. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was a starting pitcher on my college baseball team, I had a great family, and everything a person could want or need at the time. But something kept tugging on my heart, so I went to the weekly student ministry church service that was held on campus and that’s where I heard a message that changed me and my thinking. That message was that God loves me so much, that He wants to have a personal relationship with me. A relationship that isn’t the same as anyone else. Even though I pushed Him aside all those years He still loved me so much and He wanted to be there to guide me through hard times and great times. God loved me so much, that He gave up His one and only Son on the cross to save me, so when I leave this life I can spend an eternal life with Him. I realized then that being a Christian is not a religion, but a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I became a born again Christian that year and accepted Jesus as my savior. I still struggle with a lot of things, but I know that God is there helping me and guiding me to get through everything. I’ve learned to let God be involved in even the little things as much as the bigger things.

If you knew me when I was old enough to walk to the time I was playing baseball professionally, you knew that I loved baseball with a passion, that’s all I wanted to do. A month into my professional baseball career I hurt my shoulder to where I had to have surgery. I was so worried that my career was over, but the relationship I had with God I knew that He was going to guide me and give me what was best. So I gladly gave him my worries and trusted Him. My surgery didn’t help my shoulder and had to give up baseball. I didn’t know what I was going to do now.

During my rehab I started fighting bulls. I really enjoyed it and got to where I enjoyed it just as much as I did playing baseball. Right then I realized that God had called me to protect people. I’ve been fighting bulls since 2007. Even though I don’t fight on TV nor any “big” shows, I have spread God’s word and love more than I would have playing baseball. I know God will keeping using me as one of His tools, and I trust him that He will provide for me and be there whenever I need him.

My relationship with God and Jesus is based a lot on faith and trust that He looks out for my best interest, and that He will protect me in all aspects of my life. God is my friend, my counselor, my mentor, and most of all my Father. The gift He gave me and everyone else on earth is by far the greatest gift of all, and we are all truly blessed for that.

From baseball to bull fighting,

God guided Ryan Mullens’ steps

Ryan Mullens, Alpine, Texas