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Family struggles pulled Josh away,

God pulled him back better than ever

         Sometimes we often loose sight of what our testimony is. For me, it wasn’t just being saved but everything God has brought me through and the grace He has extended to me.          When I was seven or eight, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. As a kid a grew up in church and at the age of 15 I announced my call to preach. Shortly after, my mother and father divorced and my family was torn apart.

          We all quit going to church. I didn't go to church much of my high school years. After I graduated, I went on to college where I had started going to parties. Before I knew it that was what my life became about.

            In 2009 God had changed my life for good, He blessed me with a beautiful baby boy. That made me think about the kind of example and role model that I was gonna be for my son. So I started going back to church and living for God, I started preaching and doing what God would have me do because that's what I wanted me son to grow up to do; doing what God would have him do. But a year and a half after he was born, his mom  and I split up and she stopped letting me see him.

          I got mad at God and blamed Him,  as she kept my son away from me for two years. I didn't get to talk to him or even know how he was doing. She had moved and changed her phone number and I  had no way to contact her to even ask about my son.

Well here I am six years later with the most amazing family anyone could ask for. I have a beautiful wife and two very beautiful daughters now, and on the verge of getting full custody of my son. I'm going back to church and I'm stronger and closer than I have ever been. Preaching His word and living for him. God showed me that things happen for a reason. My brother is kinda going threw the same thing as I had already been through and I can now be there to him through it.

I can't thank God enough for all he has done for me most of all saving me from a place called hell by sacrificing His one and only son to die for me. Just wanna say thanks to Scott Hilgendorff for doing what he does through Cowboys of the Cross, and helping lead me back to the right path.

Josh Ray, West Mansfield, Ohio