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     I spent a lot of my rodeo career having fun and cutting up like a lot of young Cowboys do.

     I was fortunate enough to make the NFR and even win a world title and I was greatfull to the Lord for blessing me with that.

     But after all his blessings, I didn't slow down and run it like a business. I continue to cut up and God tried to get my attention by showing me that was I not as bullet proof as I thought I was.      He allowed a horse in Guymon, Ok to flip over and break my arm. That put me out for a little while but it was perfectly planned because while I was at home on the mend, my oldest son was born far earlier than we expected. If I hadn't broke my arm, I would have been a long way from home with my wife having to do it all on her own. Once I healed up I hit the trail again.

     Trying to play catch up by entering everything in the Pro Rodeo Sports News, I was never home. I lost sight of my family and once again God got my attention. In Huntsville, Tx a horse flipped over in the chute and broke my arm again. So I'm back home trying to heal up but I was with my wife and son which is

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Strengthening your grip

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for one another

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By Scott Hilgendorff/Cowboys of the Cross

John 8:34  Truly truly I say to you, anyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.

Jesus tells us that we’re a slave to the sins we commit. But we know our human nature is wired to sin.

Being a slave means we’re controlled and held back. Our sin keeps us from living up to our true potential.

So what are we supposed to do if we’re a slave to sin to be free of what is holding us back?

There’s only one way to be free from the bondage of our sin and that’s through a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ through recognizing Him as the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and was risen again then by confessing our sins to Him and asking Him to be Lord of our life.

When we’ve taken those steps, life doesn’t instantly become perfect but we receive God’s grace and a freedom from the bondage our sins have made. They no longer have the power to hold us back as we begin living in a way that we’re focused on God and His calling on our lives. There can’t be a more positive attitude than one that comes out of trusting and following Jesus.

Being a slave to sin holds us back from our potential

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing

      It’s just that important. Prayer is how we communicate with God and we’re asked to always be prayerful.

      So...let’s be praying for one another.

     We asked through social media for people to submit prayer requests that we could make public.

     Pat James--Toccopola, MS

          Asking for a few prayers for my mom.. Her MS is out of remission again and has triggered other things

    Jesse McCarthy--Sturgeon Bay, WI

          Can you keep my sister and unborn nephew in your prayers. She is in the hospital and looks like he will be born close to a month early

      Bruce Brock--Nashville, IN

          Bruce is undergoing both chemo therapy and radiation treatments for a tumor that was found recently in his neck.

     David W. Ching--Houston, MS

            David has been diagnosed with terminal cancer but has the chance to undergo experimental treatments. Please pray that he make the right decisions for the remainder of his care. He is concerned about ‘being used as a guinea pig’.


      Russ Princ--Wellington, CO

           Calving is not going well. Just pray for the cowboys calving cows in cold weather.  Its a lot of sleepless nights and trying times.

       Zack Stoorza--Baltimore, MD

           Just simply to keep on growing in Jesus. I think it best for me and people around me

James 5:16

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

There’s a lot to unpack in what James teaches but in this verse, we can see a call to be praying for one another and an understanding there is power in a believer’s prayer.

Let’s commit to praying for each other.

Click the link here to find a form to submit prayer requests to us. PRAYER REQUESTS

During most rodeos and bull ridings, the announcer will lead an opening prayer. We encourage contestants and spectators to use those moments to say their own prayer, making it a more personal communication with God and a time that we can use to prayer for one another.

Eric Mouton,

Corpus Christi, TX

1997 NFR World Champion Bareback Rider