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God tried to show me I wasn’t as bulletproof as I thought I was

     I spent a lot of my rodeo career having fun and cutting up like a lot of young Cowboys do.

     I was fortunate enough to make the NFR and even win a world title and I was greatfull to the Lord for blessing me with that.

     But after all his blessings, I didn't slow down and run it like a business. I continued to cut up and God tried to get my attention by showing me that was I not as bullet proof as I thought I was.      He allowed a horse in Guymon, Ok to flip over and break my arm. That put me out for a little while but it was perfectly planned because while I was at home on the mend, my oldest son was born far earlier than we expected. If I hadn't broke my arm, I would have been a long way from home with my wife having to do it all on her own. Once I healed up I hit the trail again.

     Trying to play catch up by entering everything in the Pro Rodeo Sports News, I was never home. I lost sight of my family and once again God got my attention. In Huntsville, Tx a horse flipped over in the chute and broke my arm again. So I'm back home trying to heal up but I was with my wife and son which is

where I needed to be.

     Months later the doctors released me to continue riding. I pack up my gear and off I go down the good ole rodeo trail once again. I was on fire. Winning everywhere I went. Life was good.

     But God said, “Uh-uh, no sir.” Yup, you guessed it...a horse at the Waco rodeo flipped over in the chute and broke my arm yet again. So I go to one of the finest surgeons to get it repaired once and for all. I'm a new man now with my bionic arm and a will to win like no other. I was winning and feeling good and I wanted to be the champ all over again.

     But God had a different plan for me. He wanted me to be a husband and a father that was there at home. So one afternoon in Cheyenne I had an awesome horse and it felt like first place was right at the whistle. But something went wrong and I felt completely numb. Then I see the ground coming at me real fast but I was unable to break my fall because I couldn't feel my arms. I'm now laying down in the dirt unable to move. I had no feeling in my body from the neck down.

     I thought my life was over. As I was in the operating room waiting on the surgery to begin, I asked God to please let me walk again and be able to take care of myself. I didn't want to be confined to a wheelchair. “Lord please help me....I'll hang up my spurs.” I woke up with a plate and four screws in my neck.

     Three days later I was able to get up and walk around the hallway of the hospital. I knew then that God was shaking his finger at me saying, "go home.”

     I've always heard that saying " the Lord knows what He's doing.” I truly believe in that now. My dad used to always tell me, "Be careful of what you do cause God don't sleep.”

God knows how stubborn I can be and sometimes He has to kick me in the butt to get me to listen. He knows what's best for me and my family. I've got a great career in the oil field and I'm home with my wife and kids. Thank you Lord for kicking my butt.

Eric Mouton

1997 World Champion Bareback Rider

Thank you Jesus....

Eric Mouton,

Corpus Christi, TX

1997 NFR World Champion Bareback Rider