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Two battles with cancer and his focus and strength continues to come from God

When I was a young man my grandfather instilled in me to always love God and family; be thankful for the things he created; and never quit anything midstream. He instilled this in me that no matter if it was bailing and loading hay; mending fences; vaccinating livestock; or simply helping someone with their chore; you never quit or give up.

When I answered God’s call to preach, I took this learning with me. I was not the typical preacher type, nor did I look the part. I was just a country boy who loved God and would not give up on the path He called me to.

So, it was hard for me to step down from the church God called me to lead when I was first diagnosed with Stage 4 head neck and throat cancer on September 7, 2011 and given a year. Through the battle I fought hard until eventually my body would not allow me to lead the church and I stepped down on May 30, 2012.

This medical resignation did not rock my faith as I have continued to pastor in the community to all people. Although the cancer has taken all those things I love doing such as riding horses and enjoying the rodeo lifestyle; I still can be an example and voice for Christ even in this cancer-broken state.

David W Ching,

Houston, MS

Having cancer did not stop me from trying to fight this cancer with exercise and doing things such as running 5k’s when I was told I couldn’t because my body would not allow it. Prayer has been vital in God blessing me with the strength to overcome things they said I couldn’t.

On January 24, 2014 I was told by one of my doctors that “he had good news and bad news.” He said, “You have battled through everything that has been thrown at you and God gave you the strength to beat it all. You beat Stage 4 head, neck and throat cancer and your scan shows us this. The bad and more scary new is, you have Stage 4 lung and chest lymph nodes cancer and might have six months to live.”

Needless to say, this has not defeated me or weakened my faith and trust in the Lord. If anything, it has made it even stronger. Nor has it weakened my faith in myself. I may not be allowed to get on a horse for safety reasons or spend the time out in the sun looking across the pasture and pond; but I can still get out and about and share the love of God with all those I come in contact with. I can smile and make someone else’s day brighter even if inside I am in pain and dying. I am still standing with my boots on and as long as I can, I will challenge the situation I find myself in.

Where this new cancer is concerned, I fully intend to turn my toes out and sink in my spurs; wrap my rope a little tighter and ride it until it gets tired. They may be worried about a June 2014 deadline, but I do not fear it because God has put my mind and heart at peace by letting me know that He is still in control and our pact still stands: if I do my part with all I have; He will do His part as well. That is the foundation of life I stand on.

“You never know the reality of life until you face the reality of death and look it in the eyes and say, ‘Come get some, but you better pack a lunch and bring some friends because God’s got my back’” (DWChing)!

So whatever you may face today, put your trust in the Lord and do your part; and He will always have your back.