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Your Christian Cowboy Resource

We took their cowboy cards

For behavior unworthy of a cowboy, we’ve taken their cowboy cards away. To get them back, each must raise $500 or $1,000 (depending on the transgression) to help keep Cowboys of the Cross on the road. You can help!

Pick a cowboy and make a donation  in his name. 1

Click the PayPal button on any cowboy’s photo but you still need to let us know which cowboy you’re helping.

2 3

Give it to the cowboy personally and he’ll get it to us

If you would like or require a tax receipt, please send your donation to one of the following addresses:

In the United States:

Make check payable to Lifesong Family Church

LifeSong Family Church

1041 S. Ellington Parkway,

 Lewisburg, TN


In Canada

Make check payable to Blyth Community Church of God

P.O. Box 428

308 Blyth Road

Blyth, Ontario

N0M 1H0

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include a note or clearly mark on the envelope that tells the church the donation is for Cowboys of the Cross.

AND, be sure to tell us which cowboy it is for.

For getting caught being a princess for his daughter…

Goal: $500


Charlie McDonald

Wichita, KS

Club Rodeo

We heard he started teaching Yoga at the Buck Wild Ranch…

Goal: $500


Butch Groft

Union Bridge, MD

Buck Wild Rodeo Company

For that awkward moment of explaingin what a poke was during Lonesome Dove

Goal: $500


Art Todd

Screven, GA

He got into a fight with some other ‘clown’ over the last tube of Ravishing Red at Walmart…

Goal: $500


Brett Carpenter

Philippi, WV

It’s his wife’s fault actually. She got caught eating a lettuce wrap while Daniel was auctioning cattle…

Goal: $500


Daniel Lanier

Hurt, VA

True Grit Rodeo Company

We found a Carrie Underwood CD hidden in a Luke Kaufman case in his truck…

Goal: $500


Philip Hayes

Milton, FL

HR Bucking Bulls

He was trying to bait deer with candy corn…

Goal: $500


Matt DeJohn

Lippincott, PA

Buckin B Cattle Company

A barrel racer talked him into putting glitter all over his horse before a rodeo…

Goal: $500


Travis Kershner

Hamilton, OH

Rolling Stone Rodeo Company

Guess who got caught reading Twilight hidden in the pages of his Humps and Horns?…

Goal: $1,000


Matt Schock

York, PA

3 S Bucking Bulls

Not only did he enter a western pleasure event, but he won it so we had no choice…

Goal: $500


Shawn Thorsell

Burbank, OH

Creekbend Ranch

He just wasn’t tough enough to make it as a Yoder (and should have never tried the hat)

Goal: $500


Kenny Overfield

Richwood, OH

Bull fighter

and breeder