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Most everyone ‘knows’ about Jesus,

but do you really know him?

Growing up I did attend church during the winter on most Sundays. It was actually quite boring to be honest, I learned lots about the bible stories and could pass a multiple choice quiz on the bible perhaps.

In the summer time it was Rodeo time so we were gone on the weekends. The odd time we would attend a pancake breakfast where they would hold a cowboy church service.  Now these were much different. Not near as informative about learning the bible,,, but there would be these cowboys who would tell wild stories of what a crazy life they had lead until they "got saved" and how their life is so much better now.

I'll always remember how excited these speakers where,, much different than church.

BJ Kramps,

Morristown, TN

It didn't have a profound effect on me really until I qualified to attend the PBR televised event tour (Bud light Cups) they were called in those days later changed to Built Ford Tough events.

I was trained to go to church so when I heard there was these cowboy bible studies I went along and would meet with them.

Well these guys were the same "Born Again" types I'd heard at cowboy church.  They were so enthusiastic about talking about Jesus. I sort of formed the idea that these people had "just heard" about God so eventually they would calm down about it and be like the rest of us Christians.

I found these people trying to witness to me which was difficult because you see I knew it all already. Remember I can pass a multiple choice quiz :)

It didn't happen quickly cause I attended these private Bible studies for three years till some how the light bulb began to flicker that there was a huge difference between myself and these other men and I finally realized they actually knew a lot more than me and acted a whole lot better than I did.

The reality was that I did not have a personal relationship with God the father. I knew a bit about him, he made the entire world in six days, he caused a flood, sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins, the Ten commandments, the Golden rule, etc.

But I didn't actually "know" God.

The easiest way I can illustrate it is by asking if you know Michael Jordan ?

Everyone would say "Yea" Chicago Bulls, awesome Basketball player and perhaps name off a few stats.

But then I would follow up by asking, "When is the last time you had coffee with him" ? How long since you spoke last ?

Most everyone knows about Michael Jordan but very few of us have actually met him.

Jesus said

This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You have sent — Jesus Christ. (John 17:3 HCSB)

In Mathew he says that many will stand before him on the last day and he will say "depart from me, I never knew you" that's paraphrased from Matthew 7:23

I did not know Jesus Christ, not anymore than I knew Michael Jordan. So I began to seek him a little over 13 years ago and he came to me right where I was.

He completely changed who I was.  This was a dramatic change…it did happen perhaps gradually,,but it was a 180 degree direction change.  All of a sudden I was one of those born again excited people I used to roll my eyes at.

I've tried to describe this to many people, but when we are born we are spiritually dead so it is impossible to describe what it's like to start being able to have the Holy Sprit as another sense (if you allow me to use that word sense)

See most of us can taste, smell, touch, and hear.

But how exactly do you describe sound to a deaf person ?

How do you explain sight to the blind man ?

Trying to describe a relationship with Christ to someone who hasn't experienced it is like trying to smell the color yellow.

All I can say is I talk to the creator of Heaven and Earth and he talks back.

He has this really complicated book called the bible that is no longer nearly as complicated because the words are spiritually discerned.

There comes the biggest AHHAH moment one could ever experience.

Most everyone believes in God. Even the atheist son asked his atheist father, "Dad, do you think God knows we don't believe in him" ?

But there is a big difference in a philosophical belief…like yeah, I could go for that, vs a belief that changes your behavior.

No one who smokes truly believes it causes cancer. Sure, a smoker will say it does, but if he truly believed it, he would stop. (and no I'm not picking on smokers, just my best example)

My hope is that whomever reads this realizes that the God of the universe knows you and loves you and if your not sure that you have a great relationship with God then I'm positive you haven't met Him yet.

Seek Him and you will find him.